Maintenance Checkups

Septic Tank Maintenance Company

Sometimes a homeowner does not know the maintenance history of their septic system. This usually occurs when a home is first purchased or has not been serviced recently. Many times we have customers that simply want to determine whether or not their tank needs to be cleaned. We often get calls from customers looking up their service history, for jobs that we have not done. This is where a septic maintenance inspection comes into play.

Septic System Inspections

During the time of the maintenance check-up or cleaning we can inspect the inlet and outlet of your septic tank.

Assessment of Tank Conditions

When we perform our Maintenance Check-Up we also do a full inspection on the septic tank as well as offer useful information to the homeowner on how their septic system works and how they can get as much life out of their system as possible.

Regular maintenance can prevent system failure

The most important thing to understand regarding your septic tank system is that you don’t just pump the tank once it “fills up”. A septic tank is designed to function “full”. The average septic tank is 1000 gallons. The average household uses 1000 gallons of water each week. This means it takes only a week for a tank to fill back up after a cleaning! The difference is all the solid waste and “sludge” that built up over the previous 2 years was removed when the tank was pumped, filling back up with 99% water. This is the actual point of “pumping” the tank. The longer you allow the solid waste and sludge to build up in your tank, the greater risk you run of that material finding its way out of your tank and into your drain field. Solid waste and sludge take no time at all to destroy a drain field once that material begins to plug up the drainage system (perforated pipe/stone/sand). The damage this causes is permanent and irreversible. It will eventually lead to total field failure and require a complete septic field replacement. The easiest and most affordable way to extend the life of your septic system is to make sure only the “cleanest” water possible is going into your septic field. That is best accomplished through regular septic tank cleanings.

When you schedule your tank cleaning with Al Pearson & Son Septic Tank cleaning, we make sure to answer all your questions and address any concerns upfront. We take extreme care to treat your yard, landscaping & driveway as if it were our own. We will meet you at your home and explain the septic cleaning process at the time of service (if interested). If you’d prefer we handle it 100% while you’re at work… we can explain the process over the phone and take care of it while you’re out. Either way, our goal is to make cleaning your septic tank as easy and painless as possible.

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